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Cast Iron Door Knocker - Parrot Bird of Paradise

Cast Iron Door Knocker - Parrot Bird of Paradise

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This detailed and intricate Parrot Birds of Paradise Door Knocker offers a timeless and unique way to welcome guests to any home.

Traditionally cast in iron, this door knocker has an antique iron / pewter finish to compliment your existing décor.

Approx. size: Height 20.5cm, Width 9.5cm, Depth 4cm

Material: Cast Iron Door Knocker

Animal theme door knocker

Antique iron is prone to weathering and rusting over time. For some, this aging process adds to the character of the piece. However, if you wish to preserve your door knocker, we recommend painting or spraying it, or coating it with a protective lacquer.

The door knocker comes pre-waxed. This is a maintenance wax, and serves as a basic protection to moisture. Should any products arrive with a residue of wax, a wipe over with a cloth is advised. 

The Antique Iron products may show light surface rust if exposed to damp environments. If necessary, this can be easily removed by using light oil (such as WD40) and a fine grade wire wool. Many of the Iron products will age naturally and develop their own patina over time.
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